How to Check the Acid Reflux in the Body? Go Alkaline

How to Check the Acid Reflux in the Body? Go Alkaline

Boost Your Health, Make Your Body Alkaline

Adapt to alkaline lifestyle and reap the incremental benefits just by changing your diet and lifestyle. The alkaline diet neutralises the acid reflux resulting in oxygenated blood which energises the body and metabolism. the correct pH balance helps lose weight lowers the risk of diabetes, joint pain, leg cramps and other chronic disease and above all a clean and clear skin.

Drink alkaline water

Most of us are not hydrated enough, drink minimum 8-10 glasses of alkaline water everyday. Check the alkaline level of the water, most tap water has 6.5 pH while alkaline water has a pH scale of 9 which balances the acidic alkaline level in the body. Alkaline water has molecules which permeates the body easily and keep us more hydrated than regular water.

Boost your metabolism with natural energy drinks-

Kick start your day with lemon and honey water, cleanse your system before you re-fill it. It is a misnomer that citrus drinks are acidic, like lemon juice has an alkalising effect when consumed.

Add green leafy vegetables to your meal

Eat alkalizing food like green vegetables   beetroot, avocado, broccoli, spinach, kale, peas, beans and cucumber. Increase the fruit intake.

Almonds- snack on nuts, almonds are power packed super food with natural alkaline products.

Avoid– cut out on carbs, caffeine, meat, refined flour, white sugar and dairy products. Skip milk as it is acid forming.

Cut on alcohol- All the alcoholic drinks have high sugar content and are acidic in nature

Yoga and Pranayam/breathing exercise 

This has the dual benefit of oxygenating and alkalizing the blood and releasing the acids from the body through sweat.

De-Stress– Pranayam followed by meditation is a stress buster. Stress causes acidic reflux in the system. Male your body alkaline to fight disease.

Do not resort to prescription drugs, take recourse to natural care.

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Pragya Sinha


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    Proper food habit and lifestyle is the only way to live healthy. Swamiji has explained it in the above article. Radhe Radhe.

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