Frequent Antibiotics Make Children Obese

Frequent Antibiotics Make Children Obese


Research suggests that Antibiotics predispose children towards obesity by causing disruption to normal gut flora. Children who have frequently been on antibiotics put on weight much faster compared to those who have rarely been on drugs. Antibiotics administered in childhood may have a lasting effect on body weight in adulthood.

Antibiotics contribute to weight gain at all ages. Frequent use of antibiotics is closely linked to adding extra pounds to body weight as antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria in the body along with harmful bacteria indiscriminately. This permanently alters the microbiome and many varied healthy microbes that live in our gut. This change in the microbiome alters how food is broken down in the body and absorbed in the body and how calories are released from the food.

While researchers don’t know exactly why frequent use of antibiotics is associated with weight gain in children, it may be that the drugs wipe out the healthy bacteria in a child’s body. This may lead to permanent changes in the microbiome — the many and varied organisms that live in our gut. Shifts in the microbiome may change how food is broken down in our bodies, how food is absorbed and how many calories are released from foods.

A mother’s use of antibiotics during pregnancy is also linked that her child would become overweight or obese in adulthood.

A Common knowledge was frequent doses of antibiotics would eventually lead to ineffectiveness of the drug as the bacteria would develop drug resistance. Recent research opens a new window to curb the use of antibiotic because of its detrimental effect on child’s health.

Research indicates that children who had been on four or more course of antibiotics were at a higher risk of being obese than those who had been on fewer drugs.

The kind of antibiotics that has been administered also makes a difference and impacts the child’s metabolic system. Antibiotics that were targeted to cure particular disease were not likely to adversely affect weight. But antibiotics that were aimed at a broad spectrum kills both the bad bacteria and healthy bacteria indiscriminately.

This impacts the body mass index, as some of the healthy bacteria in our gut responsible  for nudging our weight in the right direction might get killed and  some healthy bacteria responsible for nudging the metabolism in the wrong direction might get active. Overdose or inappropriate antibiotics might negatively impact the child’s growth.

It is common knowledge that overuse of antibiotics makes a person drug resistant, but another reason to ease up on the use of antibiotics is that it might be making children fatter. Obesity is a disease in itself with varied health problem in adulthood, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol in addition to making children grow in low self esteem. Antibiotics is not the panacea for all ills or a quick fix solution. It seems the very drugs we use to give our children to make them healthy is proving a bane for their health in the long run..

Antibiotics may alter the child’s BMI forever. When antibiotics are administered it destroys not just the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria that is essential for healthy gut. Repeated course of antibiotics impact our microbiome, changing forever the way it breaks down food and increases calories absorption in the body. Statistics suggest that antibiotic contributes to weight gain at all ages. Pregnant moms had higher chances of having children who would be obese.

The recent research linking frequent dose of antibiotic to obesity does not mean that parents should not give antibiotics to children at all. Some bacterial infection can be life threatening where antibiotic treatment becomes imperative. However what is suggested that parents should not pressurize the doctors for antibiotic prescription even for viral infection or ear infections that can be treated successfully by alternative medical care.

Research indicates that millions would die due to antibiotic resistant bacteria.   It is advisable to turn to alternative medicine care and break our blind reliance on antibiotic drugs. Eat healthy and live healthy do not damage your gut microbiota by unnecessary dose of antibiotics, unless strongly recommended.

Go back to nature, go back to yoga. Turn to naturopathy, turn to natural healing solutions for physical ailments.

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    Very useful information.

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    This is an important articles. All parents should go through it and take care of their children by avoiding use of antibiotics as far as possible and choosing ayurvedic medicine

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