Detox your body naturopathy way for healthy and toxin free life

Detox your body naturopathy way for healthy and toxin free life

detoxCheck your health index, how healthy are you? Despite of a healthy meal and up lifestyle do you feel fatigue, irritability and frequent headache afflicting you. Are you struggling for that energy and vitality to get through the day. Did the visit to a doctor did not yield the desired result as nothing was evident prima facie. And it leaves you perturbed as it still continues to drag down and you blame it on age.

Stop and check. Don’t blame it on age. You might be loaded with toxins which might be pulling you down. All you need is to go for a detox and eliminate the toxins from your body. Don’t wait for your body to reach the toxic limit.

Perennially tired

Even if you are eating and sleeping well you do not wake up fresh and fight to get through your everyday chores. This could be the first sign that your body is unable to eliminate toxins. Don’t don’t indulge in more caffeine (tea or coffee) more sweet as quick fix remedy, it only adds to the problem. Though the fatigue can be due to some hormonal change also.

Weight gain

When losing that extra pound is a challenge and the extra pounds refuse to budge no matter what you do. Then we need to analyse weight loss resistance. Wrong dietary habits, eating all wrong food, accumulation of toxins in the body. When the body is overloaded with toxins losing that extra weight is a challenge. If your all efforts of exercise and strict diet regimen is failing to shed off those extra pounds we generally especially ladies attribute it to hormonal changes in the body. But our hormonal changes are greatly affected by the toxins in the food.What is required is a complete detox of the body and a complete change in our diet and lifestyle.


It is very important for our body to eliminate waste daily. This includes regular bowel movement. If the waste in the body is not released everyday then these toxins are absorbed back in the bloodstream and wreak havoc on the system.

Constipation is an ailment get rid of it by regulating your routine, your diet and exercise.

Bad Breath

Do you have bad breath,do you find people drifting away from you when you open your mouth to talk. Bad breath indicates you are toxic and presence of accumulated bacteria in the mouth. The liver and colon are not able to eliminate toxins.

Use a tongue cleaner to scrape the accumulated bacteria and yeast coating the tongue. Include fresh herb in your meal like parsley and mint and cilantro which are excellent for detoxing the liver.

Are you sensitive to smell?

Do you find smell obnoxious and intolerant. If you find yourself reacting strongly to any smell right from perfume or smoke then it is an indication of toxic overload in the body. When we find ourselves sensitive to environmental smells it means the liver is having problem flushing out the toxins from the body. Toxins block our detox pathway which makes our bodies and senses heightened, causing headaches and nausea.

Muscle Cramps and pain

If muscle cramps and joints pain become part of everyday routine making your daily life physically stressful it might be an indication that toxins are disrupting or blocking the normal functioning of the body.

Acne and Skin rashes

A more visible signs that you are all bottled up with toxins is acne and skin rashes . Acne on our face, puffed eyes, eczema and psoriasis are a clear indication of excess accumulation of toxins in the body may be because of toxins in the diet or the body not being able to eliminate toxins .

How to detox

If you are afflicted by any of these symtoms go for detox.

A few tips that might get you accelerated. Diet and lifestyle play a pivotal role in detoxing your body.

  • Water- simple, easy and zero cost. Keep your self hydrated. Drink more water to help your body detox and flush out toxins the body.
  • Cleanse your liver with dandelion tea, parsley and cilantro.
  • Make yoga a part of your daily routine. Yogic asans and pranayam are a great detox and serves as a springboard to flush out toxins from our liver.
  • Include probiotics like yogurt, green tea in your diet.
  • Clean your tongue properly, use a tongue srcapper don’t let bacteria accumulate on your tongue.
  • Take care of the skin products that you use to avoid acne. Don’t indulge, go for natural, free of artificial fragrance sulfates and parabens.
  • Diet most important- go for organic, whole grain and a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Choose clean, whole, and organic foods whenever possible!

Here’s to living a healthy, toxin-free life!
It is very vital for the smooth functioning of the body to release the toxins from the body regularly. This requires enhancing the natural ability of the body to detox. Prevention is better than cure, less exposure to the toxins by going for clean, pure and organic food, remain hydrated and breathe well.
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by Pragya Sinha


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