Naturopathy Treatment for Arthritis

Naturopathy Treatment for Arthritis

naturopathy treatment for arthritis

Arthritis or joint pain is a condition associated with the degenerating joints. Everyday wear and tear, nutritional deficiency and excess weight are the major causes of joint degeneration. When joint cartilage wears away, a bone rubs against another bone causing tearing pain. The degeneration is mainly when the Hyaline cartilage which causes the joints to move undergoes progressive degeneration. Naturopathy treatment for arthritis involves several non-invasive and natural healing  techniques.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthiritis is very common in people in their 50s and 60s. It can be caused by trauma, joint overuse, infections and other factors as well. Some of the initial symptoms of arthritis are

  • pain and  swelling in the joints
  • morning stiffness leading to  restricted mobility
  • and joint noise (crepitus) when moving.

Arthritis can affect all joints right from fingers to shoulders, spine, knees and hips. It affects joints only on one side.

However joint degeneration could be arrested with the right and timely treatment at the onset of the disease. Heat and cold treatments, and joint protection devices and right nutrition with proper rest plays an important role.

Naturopathy Treatment for Arthritis includes:

Weight loss

One of the best remedy recommended is to maintain a healthy body weight and losing weight if necessary. It can be a challenge but every extra pound that one sheds off means less weight on the knees.


It is a misconception that people with arthritis should shy away from exercise because it would make arthritis worse. The controlled physical movement and specific exercise is highly recommended for people with arthritis, whether it be a simple walk in the evening or swimming a few laps to keep in shape. These low intensity exercises keep the blood circulation active and a person fit. It is a vicious cycle because of pain people don’t exercise and because there is no movement the situation worsens. So guided exercise, physio-therapy and yoga is recommended.


A light massage of medicated ayurvedic herbal oil is very effective, especially after application of moderate and bearable heat bags. Massage eases the joint movements and is a great relaxant and patients are able to perform physical movements with ease.

Hot and cold Compress

Hot and cold compress treatment is recommended by doctors to reduce joint pain. A heat compress relaxes the muscle and stimulates blood flow. In heat therapy a moderately hot moist heating pad or a warm damp towel is used.

Hot compress relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow. Another very easy way of heat therapy is to stand under a warm water shower and let the warm water hit the painful joints, this also eases pain. Lying down in hot tubs relaxes the stiff muscles.

Cold compress or ice pack applied to the affected are or the flared up joint reduces inflammation and pain.

Warm water with fresh lime

Warm water with fresh lime is recommended on empty stomach in the morning as it flushes out toxins from the body and eases bowel movement.


Naturopathy believes that all disease is borne out of stress, and meditation is an effective tool for calming the mind. Meditation effectively lowers stress levels, eases tension and develops a positive attitude.

Physiotherapy is a major part of arthritis treatment at Jagadguru Naturopathy Hospital, Odisha. Expert physiotherapist have achieved successful results with a combination of all the available naturopathy treatments. Stay tuned for specific diet for arthritis patients.

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by Pragya Sinha

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