Naturopathy Treatment for Obesity or Weight Loss

Naturopathy Treatment for Obesity or Weight Loss


Obesity is described as fat accumulation more than 20% of the body weight and is associated with potential health hazards, inviting diseases including hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc. Though it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason behind excess weight, broadly it is defined as more calories consumed than can be burned and this accumulates as excess fat.

Finding the exact reason is half the battle won towards seeking its solution.Maintaining a healthy weight in this time of fast food, zero workouts and sedentary lifestyle is a key to good health. By keeping obesity in check we can ward off debilitating diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc and have a better quality of life.

Genes and other factors cannot be solely responsible for being on the wrong side of the scale. There is lot in our hands that can be done. Gear up for a new look and good health.

Naturopathy adopts a holistic way to health by addressing the root causes of a problem rather than a peripheral treatment of the symptoms.The holistic approach helps achieve long-term solutions to obesity while understanding the comprehensive causes of weight gain.

Naturopathy offers simple diet with healthy eating and lifestyle advice along with a therapy schedule to reduce weight and tone up the body. It addresses not just the cause but the symptoms which is unique to each individual that emphasize realistic goals, gradual progress, right eating, and Yoga.

What causes obesity

There can be complex combination of varied physical, psychological and social factors responsible for obesity including genetic factors, a sedentary life-style,slow BMR (body metabolic rate), water retention and accumulation of toxins in the body. Stress and psychological factors, such as depression also play a major role in weight gain.

Stress is not a mental concoction and it must be addressed headlong because our mind and body do not work in isolation,mind has a direct impact on our eating habits and our physical well being. Naturopathy heals not just the body but the mind. It is as important to address the emotional issues and detox your mind of all negative energy as it is to detox your body of all the toxins.

Why do other weight loss program fail.

Crash course weight loss program very often comes crashing down because they are not able to identify the underlying cause behind obesity, since the cause is not identified the program is not customised according to the unique individualized need. They generally have one size fits all approach.

It is important to analyze the underlying causes before jumping to solutions as different individuals with different body types and different lifestyle would have to be addressed differently. Obesity is a major health issue. Naturopathy provides for permanent healthy weight loss with effective options for a healthy diet and lifestyle which promotes permanent weight loss and not some quick fix solutions with peripheral results.

What inhibits common weight loss programs or approach.

Unrealistic targets and poor nutritional diet plan with inability to burn calories, lack of nutrients to boost the metabolic rate, poor digestion,wrong choice of food, provide poor solution. Losing weight Naturopathy way is natural, safe, and long term


Naturopathy treats food as medicine and makes dietary plan and exercise way of life . A low carb diet high in protein is suggested. Do not get deterred with a flip flop in your graph, graph is never in straight line. Most important is to be positive. Ability to resist temptations.

Discipline and strict adherence to a guided dietary plan encourages overall health and permanent weight loss.

A quick synopsis of healthy food habits

Just eating the right food is not enough, eating the right way is also very important

Check your carb, are you consuming more calories than you can burn. A couple of minutes spent doing basic yoga postures will help you burn those extra calories.

Choose green leafy vegetables. Ensure that your plate is full of green leafy vegetables. They are natural and rich source of protein, iron and fiber. You can have it raw, even cooking green vegetable is easy. Simple is best.

Water- Water is a natural detoxifying agent and supplies the body with daily dose of minerals. Though water should never be taken in between the meal, either it should be taken 30 minutes before the meal or one hour after the meal as it interferes with the digestive juice of the stomach delaying the digestion process. Water gives you a glowing skin.

Include enough proteins in your diet. Proteins are the building blocks of the cells and must be a vital part of the diet. Broccoli, soybeans, lentils, asparagus and spinach are some recommended protein rich foods.Dairy products like milk curd and other milk products are are also a rich source of proteins. It is important that the body gets the required amount of protein everyday.

Don’t gulp. Chew your food half of your digestion starts in your mouth itself. Half chewed food takes more time to digest.

Avoid fast-food and soft-drinks, junk food is always appeasing to the taste buds but harmful to the body and feeding ground for obesity. They are high on trans fats and carbonated drinks are high on sugar content leading to obesity and dental woes.

Instead opt to refresh yourself with Jal -jeera, butter milk or a home made lemonade as restaurant lemonade has artificial lemon flavour.

Prefer Homemade and healthy food . Prepare your food in olive oil to make it more healthy.

Focus on your food. Most of us have our food while texting on the mobile phones or watching television and don’t really keep a count on how much we eat. Though the stomach might be full, the brain tells you that you need to eat more and you eventually end up overeating. If you focus only on your food then you’ll eat only as much as your body requires. So, the next time you sit down for having your meal keep the remote control and mobile phone away for some time.

Never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kick starts the metabolism and gives a boost to the body for the whole day ahead.


While it is important to know what to eat it is equally important to know the process of digestion.

Sitting in Vajrasana for 10 minutes after a meal enhances blood circulation in the lower abdomen and improves the digestive process.

For sustained results sustained efforts is required over a period of time. Perseverance is the key. It is like your daily routine chores which calls for attention on a everyday basis.


Yoga with its infinite potential is more than asans and when combined with the breathing technique of Pranayam brings about optimal results. Yoga is more than just an exercise. Yoga with controlled breathing gives a inner calm, blissful state of mind.

Specific yogic asans and pranayam help maintain a healthy body weight improving the BMR ( body metabolic rate). Meditation has a tranquilizing effect on the mind and the body and works as a stress buster.

Increases lean body mass, which automatically boosts the metabolism – The muscular body types burn more calories as muscle tissue has a higher metabolic rate.

Yoga improves mind body coordination and it alleviates the mood. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Make exercise a part of your everyday physical activity, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, riding bike or walking for small distance, anything and everything that moves you away from sedentary lifestyle. Don’t plan too much just do it.

Reach and maintain a healthy body weight and have a physically active and mentally calm lifestyle it lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

For specific yoga asans for obesity or weight loss refer to our page on yoga.

Naturopathy Diet for weight loss

A good food habit helps shape your personality. And this is why ancient sages always preferred consuming sattvic food. Learn here what wonders sattvic food can do for you. Remember, what you eat is what you become. So choose wisely and eat better.

Naturopathy treats food as medicine and diet is an integral part of naturopathic treatments. At JKYNH, Odisha doctors tailor the diets to specific patients and monitor patients regularly.

A diet very common to all weight loss program is high on protein and low on carb. Lifestyle counselling help the individual effectively change their eating habit pattern.

Stress Management.

Check your happiness index. Are you stressed, are emotions taking a toll on your health.If you have hormonal imbalances that are caused by chronic stress, stress management will help with weight loss.

It is often necessary to take a hard look at how one reacts to stress from mental/emotional issues in one’s life and how to resolve/manage/change these responses to be more healthy.


Difficulties losing weight are often related to deficiencies in nutrients which are necessary for proper metabolism. If fats can’t be broken down properly, weight loss is difficult or impossible.

Walk in at JKYNH, Odisha, and experience a holistic way to health with Naturopathy and Yoga treatment, get the right treatment with a visibly positive effect and loads of satisfaction. A rare insight by the doctors at the root cause of obesity, change in the dietary habits, nutritional check and a very useful lifestyle counseling which is necessary to implement the changes needed for permanent weight loss.

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