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For those with diabetes, adopting a regular yoga routine in addition to other healthy lifestyle habits can provide relief from diabetic symptoms and even help overcome the condition. The best beginning yoga for diabetes will include postures that are designed specifically to target and stimulate the pancreas. By improving blood flow to the pancreas, yoga postures for diabetes rejuvenate the organ’s cells and improve its ability to produce insulin for the body.

Starting a “yoga for diabetes” routine, in addition to relieving symptoms, can bring a new level of physical ease and overall well-being to your day.

When beginning yoga for diabetes, it is important to start with simple asanas. Avoid heavy exertion and instead focus on smooth, even stretching and abdominal compressions. When beginning yoga, start with holding each posture for about five seconds, or as long as is comfortable.

As you progress, gradually increase the duration of each pose until you can comfortably hold asanas for up to one minute each. While holding yoga postures for diabetes, make sure to maintain focus on the breath. This will help build mind-body awareness and relax the nervous system to allow the release of tension and stress.

Specific yogic breathing exercises can help with blood-oxygen levels and pancreas stimulation. Also, meditation has been shown to promote healthy endocrine function by relaxing the sympathetic nervous system.

If at any point you feel fatigued during your yoga for diabetes routine, lie down in Shavasana, or relaxation pose. As you progress with yoga postures for diabetes, make sure to monitor your glucose levels under the supervision of your doctor. When your progress allows it, you may be able to decrease medications.

The best beginning yoga for diabetes routine is one that is supplemented by other healthy habits, including proper diet and rest. By adopting yoga for diabetes along with other lifestyle changes, those suffering from diabetic symptoms can find relief and enjoy a new level of health and well-being.

Watch this informative video, explained by Swami Mukundananda which explains how Yoga may help control the diabetes.

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    Thanks for this post. Showing Yoga poses through video and divine voice of Swamiji is really helpful.

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