The Acupressure therapy helps in maintaining health by balancing energy channels of the body. The energy in our body flows through various channels.The flow of energy is imbalanced when there is disruption in these channels due to stress injury etc. The Acupressure not only balances various energy forces in the body but also has positive effects on mind, spirit and emotions.

Acupressure is often called acupuncture without the needles. Instead of needles, acupressure is done by using the thumb, finger, or knuckle to apply gentle but firm pressure (usually with the fingertips) to specific points on the body which influences the autonomic nervous system. The pressure is usually increased for about 30 seconds, held steadily for 30 seconds to two minutes, and then gradually decreased for 30 seconds. It’s often repeated three to five times. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the body has vital energy called “chi” or “qi” that flows along invisible lines of energy flow called “meridians.” There are thought to be at least 14 meridians connecting our organs with other parts of our body. Acupressure points lie along these 14 meridians. If the flow of qi is blocked at any point on a meridian, it is thought to be the cause of ailments and can lead to disease anywhere along the meridian. Acupressure is used both as a preventive, and a therapeutic treatment. It helps alleviate pain and fatigue, and addresses musculoskeletal problems.


  • Induces relaxation and restores balance.

  • It improves blood circulation, lowers  muscle tension and endorphin simulation.

  • Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system.

  • The therapeutic touch stimulates certain chemicals in the brain that boost the immune system to lift depression and relieve stress.