Belly Fat

Fat that collects around the belly is a problem that raises the risk for heart problems, diabetes, and cancers. Some reasons why belly fat forms and how to lose it.

  1. You are eating too much and wrong foods like cookies, fries, sodas, and other ultra-processed foods. Replace them with fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and dals.
  2. As we age, we lose muscle and metabolism slows down. Therefore, eating the same amount of food increases belly fat. Increase muscle building exercises weight lifting, running, jogging, squats, and pushups.
  3. Genes control how your body burns calories, how quickly you feel full, and whether you gain weight. You can overcome this by eating more wholesome foods found in plants and beans and doing exercise.
  4. Move more. Get at least 30 minutes of intense or high-intensity exercise every day.
  5. Sleep well. Lack of sleep can lead to the body, making hormones that make you feel full, which can lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep can cause overeating and gain weight in the midriffs.
  6. Kick the bad habits like smoking and drinking, which can increase belly fat. One more reason why you should be quitting bad habits.


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