How to stop touching your face


Why do we keep touching our faces?

All the medical experts have warned the people against touching their faces, as a key factor to significantly reduce the infection.. With corona virus spreading exponentially worldwide, Centers for Disease Control(CDC). is advising to stop touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth. This advise is more pertinent than ever as the corona virus or other microbes first stick to your hand and then when you rub your eyes, touch or dig your nose or mouth it makes way for the virus to enter the body.

But why do we keep touching our faces, in the first place,  involuntarily, time and again.  Can we stop doing this all of a sudden?

Psychological perspective:

‘Psychologists say it is in our DNA and we are hardwired to do it.’ Even a baby in the foeteus  keeps touching his nose and lips. On an average we touch our face 16-23 times per hour. Every time you tell yourself that I will not touch my face because I will fall sick, you are telling yourself something that is very unnatural to you as face is an essential part of your personality

Why do we touch our face?

When we touch our face what do we really do? We calm ourselves down, we activate certain pressure points which then activates the parasympathetic nervous system which actually calms us, and our nervous system. That is why we have so many pressure points in our face and body.

We see the same response in other animals like cats and dogs.. We touch our face in awe, we touch when we are exasperated, sad, depressed, tensed, stressed. We touch when we are surprised or when we are upset. We soothe our eyes by lightly massaging it, time to time.

More than ever ,. Its more important now to not to touch our faces but unconsciously the mind does such things that soothe you and the hand  follows the mind involuntarily.

How to avoid touching your face, especially in these times of corona virus?

It is almost impossible not to touch your face. The key lies in creating new habits as to how to use your hands. You can clasp your hands, spread your palm on your lap, or take your hands in the famous Tadasana yogic posture. Practice mindfulness, be more aware, catch yourself before your hand goes to your face. Virus is in the air and would probably be in our hands. And in all likelihood you will be transferring the virus to your body.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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by, Pragya Sinha

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