When it comes to exercise, every bit of movement counts. In order to get a good workout, one need not be a marathon runner or fitness specialist to get the benefit from exercise. Walking, stretching, yoga, and more can be a good workout. One does not need any special equipment or go to a gym to exercise. If anything pandemic has taught us, we can get a good exercise done in one’s living room.
Here are four simple tricks to start or restart an exercise habit that can stick.
  1. Every small bit counts: The expert’s guideline is to get moderate to intense physical activities, a minimum of 30 minutes a day to ward off diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Moderate-intensity activities can be moping the floor, organizing the room, carrying groceries up the stairs, dancing, snow/mowing the lawn.
    Basically, all movement counts. Any movement is better than none. When it comes to exercise, it’s not you hit the gym and sweat there for an hour or so, but taking the stairs, dancing with your kids, or even splitting 30 – minute workouts into small increments throughout the day.
  2. It is not all or nothing. If you haven’t done anything for a while, start at the pace you can, and work your way up. Even short bouts of exercise have value, and they can help you build up your fitness level over time.
  3. Pay attention to how exercise makes you feel. It is human to seek quick results. Therefore, look at how your mood and energy levels are after your workout. When you feel better, you have a better chance of continuing the practice, and people around you can get influenced by your positive vibe. Better mood translates to more energy, thus the greater and creative output. Some positive benefits of exercising.
  4. Find what works and what exercise makes you feel good. Marathon running, lifting weights may not be for everyone. Try different workouts, there are many that are available online, and see what exercises and routines make you happy. If any routine is making you postpone the exercise regime, there is a high chance that you won’t be doing it tomorrow. And tomorrow will never come.


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    Every steps count – helpful information# even small homeworks are count towards fitness *

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    Every small bit counts, a very useful information to remain fit.

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    Every bit of movement counts. Very useful information to become fit. Thanks.

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    No need of any special equipment and gym or no need a fitness specialist for exercise. So simple steps given here for good exercise and we can get benifit following this step. Thank you so much for this amazing information.

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