Jagadguru Kripalu Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital is located in the lap of lush green atmosphere with beautiful landscapes and spiritual ambiance. According to naturopathy, nature sustains man and cures diseases by tapping the innate ability of the body to heal itself in the natural atmosphere.  Naturopathy cures not just the disease but the root cause of the disease. Here we provide quality treatment for several chronic diseases through use of Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, Manipulative therapies and Yoga. We provide holistic therapies aimed to cure ailments utilizing 5 elements of nature – Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Ether(space).

Facilities at JKYNHRC


The key feature of this naturopathy hospital is its pristine atmosphere and the highly proficient doctors, skilled, courteous and disciplined staff ensure personal care is given to every patient. The hospital is equipped with all modern amenities and well maintained infrastructure. It has both modern and traditional method of treatment and offers multiple therapies under one roof. The place vibrates with positive energy.


According to WHO health is not just the physical body but mental health too. The yoga and Meditation Hall in the naturopathy hospital campus helps the patients evolve a beautiful synchronization between the mind, body and soul.


Diet is delicately taken care of because in naturopathy, food is considered The Medicine. Healthy and fresh food is prepared in-house, maintaining perfect hygienic using local produce. The cooking methods are simple to retain freshness and nutrition. It is customized for the patients as per the doctors prescription. It naturally aids the healing process.


The most remarkable feature are the walking tracks amidst lush garden. Patients can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset while walking through the well maintained, landscaped gardens in the campus.


As food is to the body, prayer is to the mind.There’s a temple in the campus where morning and evening prayer is done.It bonds and elevates us spiritually.


A library to positively engage and enrich our mind is available. It houses books on philosophy, health and spiritualism