Are you overworked, stressed, undernourished, drained, irritable?  Is it time to see the doctor or is it just about diet and lifestyle. Fatigue is a universal phenomenon and among the top five health concerns among women across the globe. Feeling energized just might be a lot simpler than you think.

Let’s examine the possible cause of fatigue.

Are you overworked?

Do you take enough rest, do you get enough sleep?  Most of the women juggling and slogging between job and taking care of their family forget to take care of themselves. Lack of quality sleep will make you feel tired whole day.

Stress causes Fatigue

Biologically women are the thinking lot, and more prone to stress than men. Depression and fatigue go hand in hand. If you are depressed you will feel tired, if you are fatigued you are likely to be depressed. Stress and depression deprive you of quality sleep leaving you tossing whole night.

Lack of Quality sleep causes Fatigue

It is never the number of hours but the quality of sleep that relaxes the mind and the body. Go to bed with a relaxed mind, switch off the TV, mobile and keep all gadgets at least one hour before going to the bed, keep your bedroom quiet, clean, clutter-free. Eating too less also causes sleep deprivation. Pray and thank God for the beautiful day, feeling of gratitude switches the mind from complaining mode to a peaceful state.

Diet is one of the most overlooked reasons for Fatigue

Check your diet and lifestyle. Don’t reach out for caffeine to recharge yourself every time you feel tired. Sugar and caffeine can backfire leaving you feeling drained as the blood sugar levels fluctuate frequently. Go for super-foods, a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins, iron. and calcium, a balanced diet complete with green leafy vegetables, fruits, and wholesome grain. It’s experimented and proved, many people have reported that they felt less fatigue after a healthy diet.


Pack your breakfast with adequate iron and protein. The iron deficiency would leave you feeling weak and sluggish because it affects the flow of oxygen in the blood. Include a lot of green leafy vegetable, beans, tofu, and orange juice in your meal. Orange juice helps the absorption of iron in the body better as it contains vitamin C.

Are you hydrated enough?

Hydrate yourself enough and water is the best source. Even a moderate dehydration can make you feel tired and make your concentration go haywire. Many a time when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty. Try downing two liters of water in a day.

Anemia can be a major cause of Fatigue

Women are generally anemic or low on hemoglobin and this is a very obvious cause of fatigue. It is particularly a symptom for women with heavy menstrual periods and poor eating habits. A simple inclusion of a lot of dark leafy vegetables and an iron-rich diet would improve the Hb level. If a deficiency is chronic supplements might be recommended.

Vitamin D deficiency

There is a widespread occurrence of vitamin D deficiency in the last few years because of the tendency to avoid the sun and remain indoors. Obesity also makes vitamin D, less available in the body. Vitamin D deficiency saps the strength, leading to chronic fatigue.

Thyroid can cause fatigue

An overactive or under-active thyroid also causes fatigue. Tiredness or breathlessness might be a warning sign of heart trouble. If a little exercise makes you breathless, or walking even small distance or climbing stairs or doing your daily chores challenging, it could be a red flag for heart trouble.


Obesity and lack of exercise are one of the major cause of fatigue. There is no substitute for yoga or physical exercise. Doctor’s favorite prescription for fatigue is exercise. Dispel the notion that exercise would make you more tired on the contrary exercise makes you more energetic. It is proven, people with sedentary lifestyle would feel energized when they start even with 20 minutes of brisk walk.

Get going and experience the change. Follow your exercise pattern for at least one month to see the change in the level of your energy and quality of your sleep. Don’t jump to conclusion that fatigue is a medical condition until you have got it diagnosed.

These are some of the most common causes of fatigue. Simple lifestyle changes, diet, yoga, and pranayama can reverse the syndrome. Sometimes simplest solutions are a great quick fix.

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by Pragya Sinha


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    This article explains the common cause of fatigue and how to cure it quickly with simple solution!

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    Thyroid ,vitamin D deficiency,Anemia are one of the causes of fatigue.

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    Thyroid problems can also cause fatigue, I was not aware. Thank you for share this Article.

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    Stress and improper sleep is a vicious circle to avoid fatigue and lead a healthy lifes we need to get the right balance. Thank you for this very informative articles

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