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How to Achieve Holistic Health with Yoga?  On occasion of International Yoga Day – Swami Mukundananda

Essence of Yoga

How can Yoga maintain your body? In order to maintain our body, we must use all the organs and tissues on a regular basis. If we wish to keep old age at bay, the simple formula is: use it or lose it. The first magic principle of Yoga is to keep all the body organs and ligaments active and thereby healthy. The second principle is that it provides for muscle strengthening. When the muscles are strong, the joints remain in place. For example, 80% of back-ache has their cause in the weakening of muscles. The third principle is, it tones up the organs. One theory is to take chemicals to tone organs. The ancient yogis in Himalayas  used Yoga to tone their organs. The mental issues also have to be addressed. How to address the mental issues? By purifying the mind with meditation.

Pranayam/Breathing Exercise- Unlock the benefits.

The hatha yoga scriptures say that physical yogic postures are beneficial, but breathing exercises are 20 times more useful.  And meditation is 20 times more useful than breathing exercises.

How to take care of our mind?

Why does the mind become dirty in the first place? How do you ensure the mind remains clean and does not become dirty again? We determine our values based on where we have decided happiness lies. So, the decision needs to be made – where is happiness And this requires the understanding – WHO AM I? Once again, all the religious traditions around the world, inform us – we are NOT the body. This body is perishable and always changing. Medical science tells us that within one year, 98% of your molecules have changed. What is the unchanging in you is the soul. That is the element of our consciousness.

Watch this beautiful explanation given by Swami Mukundananda ji, a Yogi, world renouned authority on mind management and humanitarian. On the occasion of “International Yoga Day” Swami Mukundananda authored the book on “Science of Healthy Diet”, get your copy now, visit: https://www.jkyog.org/store

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  1. Ramesh 14/07/2018 at 10:03 am - Reply

    Yes,I too believe that yoga,naturopathy,diet and exercise have an important role in treating mental health issues.
    The psychiatric drugs are far too toxic and they do not have any appreciable action after a year or two.These drugs are actually treating you by using their adverse effects.
    Psychiatry discipline in modern medicine is being practised very very unscientifically with the added risk of serious side effects.
    But at the same time there maybe limitations to naturopathy and yoga.
    Psychiatrists themselves,of course only the strong willed have been openly criticizing the way their counterparts have been practicing this discipline.The pharma company is conducting unscientific research and the govt is absolutely uninterested in psychiatry.Its not a vote bank.

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