While lifestyle is moving more towards modernity people are moving more towards our age old home remedies for common ailments.Home remedies and herbs provide natural, no side effects remedies to dozens of common ailments.Work stress, family demands, skimpy sleep schedules—everyday stresses can give us all a headache every now and then. Try these natural remedies to help ease your pain

In a fast paced world, traffic jams, demanding schedules, and stressful lifestyle it’s no wonder that many of us return home with tearing headache and find ourselves popping a pill to relieve pain. But painkillers are not without side effects and not the only solution. There’s a host of home remedies we can try.

Trigger Points

Let us first examine the trigger points

  • empty stomach
  • strong sun
  • dehydration or low intake of water
  • stress; physical and mental
  • acidity

Try some simple home remedies

• Soaking your feet in hot water,it is immensely relaxing and eases out stress helps your head feel better. The hot-water foot bath will ease pressure on the blood vessels in the head by drawing blood to the feet.

• For headache due to tension, placing a hot compress on the forehead or the back of the neck relaxes the tensed muscles in the area.

• The heat treatment can be followed by applying a cold compress to the forehead by putting ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth Cold compress contracts and shrink blood vessels and they stop constricting the sensitive nerves.

• Another alternative to cold compress is to soak your hands in ice water for as long as you can bear it. While your hands are submerged, repeatedly open and close your fists and the cold constricts the dilated blood vessels.

•Caffeine or a cup of strong coffee or tea reduces blood-vessel swelling, and helps relieve headache. Though for a regular coffee drinker it might prove counter productive. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches, creating a vicious cycle.

• Tying a band, scarf, or a simple cotton cloth around the forehead and tighten it to a point to feel pressure all around your forehead. This reduces the flow of blood to the scalp, helps relieve pain due to swollen blood vessels.

• A gentle massage of some essential oils like lavender or mint oil on the forehead and temples helps ease tension and relieve the pain.

• Peppermint oil contains menthol and it greatly help dissolve a headache. Its fragrance stimulates and relaxes, the nerves that cause headache.

•Ginger with its anti-inflammatory quality also works by mixing ginger juice in a glass of water or having ginger tea.It is also effective in case of migrane as it helps contain the nausea that is generally accompanied in migraines.

•Black tea with some cloves also seems to work as tea contains caffeine, and cloves have anti-inflammatory properties.


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