Migraines are a neurological disorder that causes tearing headache which is highly agonizing and debilitating with a typical severe pain affecting half side of the head and is generally followed by nausea and vomiting. It lasts for two hours to days in many cases. Migraine is a recurring throbbing and constant pain caused by the dilation of blood vessels in the head, it affects 18-30% of women and 6-20% of men. But blood vessels do not dilate spontaneously—it is probably the response of the body to chemical changes that are occurring in the body.

Migraine is not a random occurrence, it is the body reacting with the environment. Migraine has trigger points, it is important to determine what is upsetting the internal balance, and how migraine can be controlled by preventive measures and stop them from ever recurring. Migraine is believed to be the most common neurological condition more common than asthma and diabetes.

What triggers migraines?

Naturopathy treatment of migraine begins with identifying and treating the underlying causes that contribute to headaches. Headaches and migraines, like any other disease, is a result of multiple factors adding up to the cause of the headache.

Naturopathy looks at the plausible cause and the trigger points. Prescription drugs only give immediate relief it does not treat the symptoms. An important feature of Naturopathy cure is prevention and treatment by identifying which trigger may be the underlying aggravator.

A naturopathic doctor takes a complete medical history of the family, menstrual cycle, bowel problem, vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, and diet before considering the cause of migraines.


Anger, tension, worry, depression are major trigger points causing sleep disorder leading to system imbalance. However, it might be noted that happiness or excitement has rarely triggered migraines because it is a strong positive emotion that boosts our immune system. The state of our mind has a direct impact on the response of the body to a stimulus.

Physical Stress

When we do not respect our body it revolts in the form of the disease. For migraineurs, physical stress is also a trigger point. like overexertion, tiredness, improper sleep pattern, neck sprain, and travel.

Diet, food, and allergy

In diet, it is important to check food allergies or intolerance or sensitivities. Food allergies happen when the body reacts to foods in the same way as to foreign bacteria and are many times the immediate cause of headaches and migraines.

Food triggers are commonly identified through an elimination diet.

Foods that most commonly induce migraines:

Foods like cheese, alcohol, beer, and wine induce migraines in some people because they contain vasoactive compounds that cause blood vessels to expand.

Some other food, includes cow milk, cheese, chocolate, caffeine, fermented, pickle MSGs(preservative) and marinated foods, soy, dairy, wheat, food additives, and preservatives.

Change in the environment such as weather, seasons, altitude and barometric pressure.

Migraineurs are sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, and strong smells.

Long gaps between meals and insufficient food, fasting or dieting.

Dehydration– Widely overlooked cause but insufficient water is one of the major triggers for migraines. A thumb rule is that one must drink at least eight glasses of water.

The “rebound effect”, paradoxical it may seem but a good percentage of migraine is induced by the analgesic we take, it is a contributing factor for migraine.

All these are trigger points for migraine can generally be treated without drugs. .While a drug heals the man for a day a healthy body heals him for a lifetime.

What’s the way out?

If you are suffering from head-splitting migraine for years and popping pills to get rid of your pain… pause and stop, there are ways other than medication to get rid of your pain. These painkillers and antidepressants are not without side effects and may lead to hypertension and many such diseases. Naturopathy treats the root cause of disease and not the symptom in isolation and offers preventive measures and ways other than pills to overcome pain.

Migraine can be managed by lifestyle and dietary changes. There is natural way to fight against migraines without resorting to pills. Naturopathy encourages a holistic living and lays great emphasis on regulating and striking the mind-body balance through simple yoga asanas, pranayam, and meditation.

Although obesity has no direct correlation with migraine heavyweight directly or indirectly can cause migraines. Make a brisk walk of 20 minutes a part of your routine followed by some simple yoga poses like Veerbhadrasana and Gomukhasana, though people with spondylosis should take care of their neck while doing any asana as a little jerk in the neck can trigger migraine in sensitive migraineurs.

Let’s have a look at some Yogasans that helps cure migraine

Hastapadasana or Standing Forward Bend

The Standing Forward bend invigorates the nervous system by increasing blood supply and also calms the mind.

Setu Bandhasana or Bridge pose

The Bridge pose calms the brain and reduces anxiety.

Shishuasana or Child pose

The Child pose calms down the nervous system and is a very physically relaxing asana.

Marjariasana or Cat stretch

The Cat stretches the body and improves blood circulation in the brain and also relaxes the mind.

Paschimottanasana Two-legged Forward bend

The Two-legged Forward bend calms the brain and relieves stress. This yoga posture also relieves headaches.

Padmasana Lotus pose

The Lotus pose relaxes the mind and alleviates headache.

Savasana Corpse pose or relaxation asan

The Corpse pose mitigates the physical and mental stress rejuvenates the body by++ bringing it into a deep state of meditative rest. The yoga routine should be ended by lying down in this pose for five of minutes to derive the positive effects of yoga sans.

Pranayam is a stress buster

Pranayam with its unique breathing and relaxation technique strikes an excellent mind-body synchronization which is very effective in healing patients with migraines.Since stress and anxiety is one of the major cause of migraine deep breathing relaxes our nervous system while balancing stress hormones.

The Brahmari pranayama, especially, releases serotonin and helps address post-partum and menstrual migraine.

These simple yoga postures lessen the impact of a migraine attack and may eventually stop them permanently. Yoga is known to bring a multitude of health benefits but should not be substituted for medicine unless and until medically advised.

Refer to http://natural-cure.org/yoga/

Migraine attacks are traumatic and debilitating both emotionally and physically. Friends and family support counts. Remedies and lifestyle changes can serve as a permanent antidote to the plight of migraine

Caution: Do not stop your medicine until medically advised.

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