A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in the urinary tract affecting the bladder known as cystitis and when it affects the upper urinary tract it is known as pyelonephritis (a kidney infection). It is one of the most common infection in women affecting any age group. Women are at high risk and more vulnerable to UTI infections and in many cases with repeat infection. The main cause for both types of infection is E.coli.

Primary reasons for urinary tract infection (UTI) are poor hygiene, use of dirty public toilets, week immune system, or have been under a heavy dose of antibiotics, use of spermicides and sexual intercourse. Though the most common cause is the transfer of E.coli bacteria from the the intestinal tract to the urinary tract.

Symptoms of UTI

  • A burning sensation while urinating
  • An intense urge to urinate even though you do not actually urinate
  • Pain while urinating in the lower abdomen
  • If the color of the urine is cloudy, bloody or full of odour
  • Fatigue or tired or shaky
  • Fever or chilling is an indication that infection has reached the kidneys.

The burning sensation, the pain, the nausea, and even bloody urine is very debilitating, and many get chronic UTIs, the fear of infection hampers a lot activities that could trigger one to panic because it also leads to inability to control urine. It is difficult to determine a specific cause of infection for those who get it frequently.

The general mode of treatment is antibiotics to treat the infection in the urinary tract. But these antibiotics do more harm than good by destroying the beneficial bacteria that prevents pathogenic bacteria from growing. Over dose or long term dose of antibiotic makes one antibiotic resistant and bacteria E.coli develops in the gut and infection caused by these bacteria is more challenging to eliminate.

Moreover antibiotic does very little to prevent infection from happening They can only serve as a short term quick fix remedy leaving one susceptible to further infection.

Naturopathic treatment of the urinary tract infection.

Naturopathy with some lifestyle precautions and natural remedy can help cure and reduce recurrent urinary tract infection.The natural therapeutics outlined here would help get through the urinary tract infection without antibiotics. Some believe that antibiotics contribute to recurrent infections from increasingly resistant bacteria. Naturopathy with natural treatment and prevention is an inexpensive, absolutely drug free, and has worked well with a lot of patient

Alkalinize or neutralize the acid content in the Urine

Although it is debatable as to what pH level is conducive to bacteria growth in the urinary tract. The best way to alkalinize the urine is with minerals like potassium citrate and sodium citrate. Mineral supplements should not be taken just before going to bed as urine that remains in the bladder may serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and aggravate infection.
Furthermore, antibiotics do very little to prevent the infection from happening in the first place. So while drugs may be an easy fix for the short term, in the long run you will continue to be susceptible to UTIs, and these infections may be worse than if you had never taken a course of antibiotics in the first place!

Some natural herbs are known to have antiseptic properties. Taking these herbs as beverages 4-5 times a day works as a therapeutic cleanser for the urinary tract.

D-Mannose very similar to glucose in structure and is by far the best effective supplement for both the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infection.D-Mannose is a natural sugar found in many fruits like apple, blueberries and cranberries. The sugar in the cranberry juice is the reason why it is commonly recommended as a UTI treatment. The recommended dose is also available as supplement.
D-Mannose is effective because it prevents the E.coli bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and it can be easily eliminated from the body during urination. The cranberry or blueberry natural juice sans sugar has a therapeutic and preventive effect. It is best to have a standardised quality extract formulas sans any synthetic binders or fillers to make the juice tasty though apple juice may be used.
The best thing about using D-Mannose is even if it is taken in large quantities it does not have any adverse effect , the sugar content in it is not metabolized in the system and that makes it safe for any diabetic patient or anyone avoiding sugar. It is safe for all age group at par.

The prescribed dose of D-Mannose for UTI treatment is 500 mg in capsule or powder form to be mixed in a glass of water or juice and can be taken 4-5 times a day for 5 days. It takes 48 hours for the results to show. These juice are naturally imbued with antibiotic properties which effectively helps in combating the bacteria in the urinary tract.
It is advisable to continue taking the supplement even after symptoms have diminished to eliminate the bacteria completely from the urinary tract. This dose can also be taken as preventive measure.

It is a good practice to continue taking the supplement even after symptoms have diminished to ensure complete elimination of the bacteria in the urinary tract.
Clinical and practical application suggests it is highly effective for majority of infections, both acute and chronic. The only clause is it is only effective with urinary tract infection caused by E.coli but again 90% of the infection is caused by E.coli. These herbal therapeutics do not have any side effects when adhered in correct doses it gives desired results.

D-mannose for UTI treatment has shown miraculous results, worth giving a shot.

Do not ever embark on your own treatment plan, it is advisable to consult a licensed naturopathic doctor.


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