What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural healing technique using the healing powers of nature. Sometimes referred to as “natural medicine,” naturopathy goes back thousands of years, drawing on the healing wisdom of many cultures. This includes Indian (Ayurvedic), Chinese (Taoist), Greek (Hippocratic), Arabian, Egyptian, and European (monastic medicine) traditions.

Hippocrates, a Greek physician who lived 2,400 years ago, is often considered the earliest predecessor of Naturopathic physicians. Particularly because of his teachings “Nature is the healer of all diseases” and his formulation of the concept Vis Medicatrix Naturae — “The Healing Power of Nature.”

This idea has long been at the core of indigenous medicine in many cultures around the world and remains one of the central themes of Naturopathic Philosophy.

Six Core Principles of Naturopathy

Why Choose Naturopathy?

The philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine is that all living beings have an innate ability to heal themselves. Our vital force promotes self-cleansing, self-repair, and therefore, self-healing. This process can be achieved by focusing on the immune, hormonal, nervous, and detoxification/elimination systems of the body. Naturopathy supports the body’s natural self-healing abilities and helps it to restore balance.

There are many reasons to choose naturopathy:

  • If you have a chronic disease which is not responding to the treatments recommended by medical doctors.

  • If you are tired of taking drugs to maintain health for the rest of your life. Naturopathic treatments address the root cause instead of symptoms.

  • If you want a treatment that offers a holistic approach i.e. it considers all your symptoms and you as a whole, instead of just targeting the disease to be eliminated.

  • If you prefer natural cures to drug-based symptom treatment and want to avoid drug side effects (all drugs have side effects – even the safest approved drugs have side effects).

What Illnesses Can Naturopathy Treat?

There is a wide range of illnesses which Naturopathy treats either alone or in combination with other complementary treatments. Our team consists of qualified and experienced doctors and well-trained therapists who are skilled in providing adequate and reliable naturopathy treatment. The doctor develops a personalized course of treatment based on individual condition and a discussion with the patient. We provide non-invasive and drug-less naturopathy treatment for a wide range of ailments and disorders in the following categories –

Life Style

Diabetes, Depression, Insomnia, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Joint Pain.


Constipation, Indigestion, Hyper Acidity, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Gastritis etc.


Hypertension, Low Blood Pressure, Anaemia etc.


Cold, Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, etc.


Migraine, Spondylitis, Sciatica, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

Skin Problems

Eczema, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Hair Fall etc.


Amenorrhea, Polymenorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhoea.

Naturopathy Techniques and Treatments

In consultation with the client, any of the following might be recommended: