Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and wellbeing.

  1. Shirodhara: recommended for anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia etc.
  2. Kati Basti: useful for various backaches.
  3. Janu Basti: useful for arthritis of the knee joint.
  4. Nadi Sweda: useful for pain disorders of various sites.
  5. Pinda Sweda: useful for neurological ailments and the management of different pains.
  6. Shashti-Shali Pindasweda: useful for neurological ailments.
  7. Tharpanam: useful for the ailments of the eyes.
  8. Shirobasti: useful for hair loss and the falling hair and other diseases of the head.
  9. Uttara Basti: useful for genitourinary diseases and infertility of female.
  10. Udvartana: a medicated ubtan to be applied over the skin for fair and glowing skin.


A treatment which involves slowly pouring liquids over a client’s third eye, which is located in the forehead. A wide range of liquids can be used, depending on the body type of the patient; oils are common, but milk, buttermilk, and water can be used as well. Frequently, the liquid will be infused with herbs which are tailored to benefit the client.

Benefit: The treatment is used for skin conditions, along with eye problems, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hypertension, memory loss, and graying hair.

Kati Basti

A deep tissue therapy using heat to heal and oils to repair the tissue. A dam made of dough is placed over the affected area and filled with warm medicated oil. This helps to soften, repair and nourish aching tight muscles. After the oil is removed, the therapist will perform a back massage followed by a herbal steam to help deepen the effect of the treatment.

Benefit: The treatment is used for sciatica, lower and upper back pain, tightness and restricted movement of the neck, back and shoulder area.
Janu Basti: useful in arthritis of the knee joint. In this, the knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. After oil bath the affected area may be gently massaged, depending upon the client’s condition.

Nadi Sweda

Therapy uses herbal oils to massage different parts of the body and applies steam for deep penetration. The combination of steam with oil massage softens the tissue to produce sweat, which allows the impurities to move out. Herbal steam particular to the ailment or vitiated dosha is administered which opens the pores, dislodges the toxic materials, making them subtler and flushes the system. In addition, it reduces the body’s stiffness

Benefit: The treatment is beneficial for muscle and joint stiffness, heaviness, pain or paralysis in one or more parts of the body.

Pinda Sweda:

A hot poultice full body massage. Linen bags which are filled with medicated herbs are then warmed in oil and pressed over the body. The heat from the bags working alongside with the herbs is great for relieving muscle pain.

Benefits: The treatment is useful for muscular, neurological, joint and arthritis-related pain. It also helps to reduce swelling and stiffness.

Shashti-Shali Pindasweda

Boluses of rice are tied up in a bag, the bag is heated, and applied externally over the body. It can also be with ginger, ajwain, sea sand or dry herbal poultice for severe arthritis.

Benefit: The treatment is useful for facial paralysis, low backache and muscular diseases.


A cleaning process for the eyes. During the treatment, hollow wells made up of black gram paste are gently sculpted around the eyes and then medicated ghee is poured in the eyes for a time duration prescribed by the specialist according to the eye ailment.

Benefits: Tharpanam cleanses, gives a cooling effect to the eyes, prevents eye diseases, improves eye sight and strengthens the optic nerve.


A unique method of applying oil to the scalp in the form of bahyasneha. A special hat, preferably made of leather, is fixed around the head just above the ear and eyebrow, and the joint between the head and hat is made leak proof. Onto this positioned hat, lukewarm oil is poured and is allowed to remain there for a prescribed time. This therapeutic procedure of retaining oil on the vertex is repeated for a specific time.

Benefit: The treatment is useful in hair loss and other diseases of head

Uttara Basti:

A procedure for the treatment of urinary disorders of both, males and females. It requires administration of specific medicinal oil, or decoction right into the urinary bladder or uterus.

Benefit: The treatment is useful for genitourinary diseases and infertility of females.


A simple method of massaging the whole body below the neck with powders of herbs in a direction opposite to the orientation of hair in the body. Udvartana opens the circulatory channels, facilitates the metabolic activity and improves the complexion of the skin. The whole body is gently massaged with medicated powders prepared with different herbs.

Benefit: The treatment helps to reduce fat patches from the body known as cellulite, tones muscles, improves blood circulation, and eases joint pains. Regular Udvartana is good not only for cellulitis but it also helps to lose weight.