What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic system of treatment that taps the natural healing powers of the nature and the innate ability of the body to heal itself through proper diet and exercise. It believes that good health is not the same as the absence of disease and promotes a general state of wellbeing through dietary principles, lifestyle, yoga and other techniques is an effective way to manage our physiological systems.It treats the underlying cause of disease . The principle of Naturopathy is that the accumulation of toxins in the body is the root cause of all diseases. Prevention and elimination of toxins is the route to health. Treatments are based on the five great elements of nature viz air, water, earth, fire and ether(space) that have immense healing properties.Naturopathy is a non-invasive drugless therapy with a holistic approach for over all well being of body,mind and soul.

What is the Meaning of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda can be defined as a system, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual’s body, mind and spirit in perfect symphony with nature.Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, made up of the words “ayur” and “veda.” “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means knowledge or science. The term “ayurveda” thus means ‘the knowledge of life’ or ‘the science of life’.

The Ayurvedic treatment is designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy by establishing body mind and soul in a synchrony. It believes in the philosophy that mind and body is inextricably linked. What we think has a direct impact upon our body, the moment mental thinking changes, bodily process also changes. Mind has immense power to heal and transform the body . Since the state of our mind has a direct impact on the body.Through yoga and meditation we enter a state of inner quietness and naturally enhances wellbeing.

Yoga, Why do we need it?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual science which offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent that lead to total disharmony between the mind and the body.The word yoga itself means “union” of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or God

Yoga and Pranayam is a scientific and rejuvenating . It comprises of a series of simple and complex yogic postures and breathing techniques(Pranayam), which help to bring about a balance in the body and mind.Pranayama helps control of the breath. Practicing proper techniques of breathing can help bring more oxygen to the blood and brain, eventually helping control prana or the vital life energy. Pranayama also goes hand in hand with various yoga asanas. The union of Yoga and Pranayam two yogic principles is one of the highest form of purification and self-discipline, encompassing both mind and body.


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