Yoga for the Body, Mind, and Soul
We must learn the art of attaining perfect health of body, mind, intellect, and soul. For this, we need a judicious blend of spiritual and material sciences.

Yoga frees us from worries, anxieties, and depressions.

Our intellect is subject to certain weaknesses that are universal in the materially bound state. Avidya—lack of knowledge, asmita—pride due to identification with the designations of the body, rag—longing and attachment for sensory objects and affections, dwesh—dislike for objects and persons, and abinivesh—the fear of death. These are the five flaws of the intellect that must be rooted out. Yog helps eradicate these mental flaws. Yoga is a practical discipline that assists in us making happy permanently, freeing us from worries, anxieties, and depressions.

Yoga is a soul Lifting Science

Yoga is not only one of the conventional systems of Indian philosophy, but it is also a soul-lifting science. Whether one is on the threshold of life, or in the spring of youthfulness, or has become old, anybody can practice it as there are no restrictive factors. Yoga is such a rational discipline with powerful systems for conquering the stormy mind and harnessing the physical and mental energies, helping an aspirant rapidly move towards the Divinity
“Yog is the restriction of the perturbations of the mind.” The word Chitta denotes the mind, which is composed of three elements: manas, or the mind associated with the senses and has got the power of attention, selection, and rejection; buddhi, or intellect; and ahamkar or ego. The chitta, or mind, is constantly in flux since it is operated by input from all its three parts. In normal life, it is hardly possible to be free from these inputs and they become the sources of diversion because of which the mind is never quiet. Unfortunately, a stormy mind can never be drawn towards the Divine. In this way, one is unable to see oneself and others as part of God.
Yog pacifies the vacillations of the mind, which divert it from the Absolute. According to St. Augustine, “Our heart is restless, O Lord! And it shall continue to remain restless until it comes to rest in Thee.” Therefore, it is Yog that uplifts us to the level of Supreme and makes us Blissful like Him.

Yoga harmonizes, balances, purifies and strengthens the body, mind, and soul of the practitioners.

It shows the right way to perfect health, perfect mind control, and perfect peace with one’s self, the world, nature, and God. Highlighting the importance of Yog, Sri Aurobindo also said, “Yog is the process of all-round development of a man”. Viewed thus, Yog is such an ancient science of India that has the power of integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of a person.
A healthy body and a sound mind are the building blocks for attaining our goal in this life. Without their support, life itself will become a painful and tedious experience. No matter how perfect and successful we are in our field of work, if the body is ill and the mind is fluctuating or distressed, we will always remain unhappy and hopeless in our life. So, our most priceless possession is not our riches and gold, but our own body and mind. The old adage also emphasizes the importance of the body clearly, “He who has good health, is young; and he is rich who owes nothing”.
Excerpts from the book, Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul, by #SwamiMukundananda.

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