Menopause is a stage in every woman’s life which is challenging both at the physical and emotional level. Women undergoes a gamut of change due to the hormonal changes in the body.Combating conflicting emotions and fuzzy thinking is a battle in itself. One of the most important change is reduced estrogen levels which produces a variety of symptoms like weight gain, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, backache and change in appearance.

Many people have reservation against using Naturopathy as an alternative option to relieve menopause symptoms. They feel how can a soft approach help alleviate strong symptoms. But a natural approach is highly effective even in extreme symptoms.

Going for alternative medical care like Naturopathy is a viable option today. Though menopause has its own challenges, by being observant of the symptoms one can take the first step, by resorting to natural methods for relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Naturopathy and natural treatments have a completely different approach than the general prescription drugs. Naturopathy works at the root or source of the symptoms and reduce the severity of the symptoms rather than giving only temporary relief. Natural treatment restores the balance between sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Moreover one escapes the added risk of side effects of prescribed drugs and antidepressants.

Lifestyle strategies such as stress management, weight management, yoga asans, right diet and an increase in exposure to sunshine also helps.
By addressing these symptoms naturally, a balance can be restored, and both the frequency and severity of symptoms can be effectively reduced. A truly natural approach addresses symptoms at their source.

A key element of Naturopathy treatment is bringing about lifestyle changes that includes a nutritious diet, removing environmental toxins, getting proper sleep, and dealing with chronic stress. All these changes also effectively and proactively help reduce the risk for other diseases as well, especially of the heart and bones.

Here’s how.

Diet- Optimal nutrition helps combat the symptoms

Naturopathy treats food as medicine. A healthy nutritious diet consisting of whole food and right nutritional supplement greatly helps combat the hormonal imbalance at the cellular level. Food is the most effective medicine, increase the food sources of phytosterols found in fermented soy, sprouts, whole grains and flax seeds.

You can also try increasing your food sources of phytosterols, which are found in fermented soy (miso, tofu, tempeh), sprouts, whole grains and flax seeds. Lifestyle strategies, such as weight-bearing exercise and increasing your exposure to sunshine, also help.

Everyday diet must include the right balance of good fat, complex carbohydrate and protein. Include a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables in every meal. Keep a check on the amount of carbohydrate and sugar in the diet. Check the exposure to toxins and chemicals such as toluene (found in nail polish) and phthalates (found in plastic) as it interferes with the enzymes that enable oestrogen production.
The best supplement to the body is natural supplement through optimal nutrition that should include enough vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Many working women with fast paced life find it difficult to eat comprehensive meal with all nutrients everyday and miss out on the essential supply of B vitamin folate. The diet can be supplemented with Metafolin the biologically active form of folate. It is easier for the body to process and absorb vitamin B.

Impact of herbal remedies

Naturopathy recommends a variety of herbal remedy to help balance the fluctuation in hormone level.
Food is medicine and naturopathy taps the incredible strength in plants and herbal remedies to contain and prevent menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms. Herbs and plants share many molecular features with our own hormone allowing them to support our hormones make it slower or adapt as per our unique body needs.
Naturopathy recommends herbal medicines such as

  • Black cohosh
  • Lady’s mantle
  • Wild yam
  • Chasteberry
  • Shatavari and ashwagandha(ayurvedic herb)
  • and nutritional supplements such as calcium, vitamin D and E
  • magnesium and essential fatty acids(omega-3, 6 and 9.

They largely help contain hormonal imbalance during menopause. Herbal remedies work as adaptogens (anti fatigue and stress fighters) for the hormones.

Weight gain can upset estrogen and progesterone ratios.

Though this is not the norm but in general weight gain is symptomatic to perimenopause and menopause. The weighing scale refuse to budge and the diameter round the waist and stomach keeps increasing, women find it very frustrating. Weight gain is one of the very common symptoms because of fluctuating estrogen levels that causes the body to stick to fat and the accumulated fat produces estrogen making it a vicious cycle.

Any form of exercise like walking, dancing, cycling, swimming is pertinent to maintain a stable weight. Any exercise that one enjoys doing has a major impact in controlling the menopause symptoms. It is very important to enjoy what you are doing otherwise one would soon get bored and discontinue. Gentle asans or exercise is recommended if one feels very fatigued.

Some specific yoga asans to help meet the challenges of weight gain and helps one sail through menopause symptoms with ease and comfort. Yoga elevates the mind and body, fills with high positive prana(life power), and makes the body strong to bear through the challenges of this phase.
Some basic Yoga asans and pranayam recommended in Menopause:

  • Tada-asana
  • Hast- Padana
  • Triangle (Trikonasana)
  • Tree Pose(Vrikshasana)
  • Padmasana
  • Yoga Mudra
  • Butterfly (baddha konasana)
  • Pawanmuktasana
  • Lying down Spinal twist
  • Cobra
  • Child Pose
  • Kapalbhati
  • Anulom Vilom(alternate nostril breathing)
  • Shavasana

De-stress yourself through yoga and meditation.

Stress compounds the symptoms.
Why emotional wellness plays a vital role in your overall physical health.
What you think so shall you become. The founder of JKYNH, Swami Mukundananda lays great emphasis on the fact that health is not just the physical health but our mind has a direct bearing on our physical health.
Its very important to know that our emotions play a pivotal role in our health. Health is a broad term that accounts both for our physical and mental wellbeing.
Many women are prescribed antidepressants to deal with the emotional upheaval in the perimenopausal and menopausal phase. Many women feel very stressed, anxious , overwhelmed and depressed during this transition phase and are unable to cope up with the physical and emotional swings. But naturopathy does not see anti-depressant as the best answer for menopause symptom relief.

Stress has a crippling effect physically and is a major cause for additional imbalance in hormones and neurotransmitters that affect the mental state, mood swings, digestive function, thyroid and blood sugar imbalance. Stress is also linked to symptoms of hot flashes and insomnia.
It is very important to manage yourself, nurture yourself at the mental level, other things automatically falls in place. Naturopathy comes up with the most effective, zero expense and amazingly simple ways to de-stress yourself through pranayam or deep breathing technique and meditation.
You will be surprised at the astonishing results. It helps strike a natural and powerful balance.

Do not dread your menopause, it’s just another phase in life that will pass away, the toll that it takes on you depends upon how much you let it impact you. It might give you an opportunity to change for the better, become a different person, some might find a certain freedom and that their life is better than they ever thought.
It is just a matter of making natural adjustments and a healthy change in their lifestyle and take charge of their menopausal symptoms. Women are naturally gifted with the power of adaptability and bringing some natural adjustments to their lifestyle would bring wondrous results.

Start your day with with a positive note, make yoga and pranayam a part of your daily life it will be encouraging to see remarkable results. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet, add recommended supplements in your diet.
Most important make a commitment to yourself that you will inculcate this discipline in your life and stick to it for healthy mind and body. With a little bit of effort and willpower you will be surprised to discover that you can actually contain your symptoms.

Take the steps as per your body need and lifestyle.
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